a Brooklyn based art gallery in North Crown Heights

A single room attempt to display disparate landscapes, social facts,
coincidence and incongruities

SRO GALLERY is a new exhibition space located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn opened in 2016,  founded and directed by Don Doe and Cecilia Whittaker-Doe.

Housed in a land-marked brownstone, SRO (single room occupancy), provides room for the alchemy of visual exploration within thematically curated exhibits.   The gallery, located in the Parlour room of the building (traditionally the"face" of the home),  will host curatorial projects that include under-represented talent as well as mid-career and established artists.

We seek to energize the Crown Heights neighborhood and its emerging gallery scene with the addition of SRO GALLERY.

SRO GALLERY is run by artists Don Doe and Cecilia Whittaker-Doe.  Both live and work in Brooklyn, NY.