Menage/rie Unfolded Curated by Andrew Woolbright

November 15 - November 21, 2018

Opening Reception: November 16th, 6-9pm

  Contact: Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, Don Doe          

SRO GALLERY is pleased to present a group exhibit

curated by artist Andrew Woolbright: "Menage/rie Unfolded"

November 15 - November 21, 2018.

Opening reception November 16th 6-9pm.

**The exhibit will be on view beginning Thursday, Nov. 15th with gallery hours: 12-4pm. Additional gallery hours: Friday 2-6 (with an opening reception 6-9pm), Sat/Sun 1-6pm, Monday through Wednesday the 21st 12-4pm.

"An exhibit of painting and sculpture dealing with monsters, which the exhibit plans to define through

sexuality, pleasure, and the mythological androgyny. The figuration in this exhibit deals in the

Kafkaesque, which is arrived at through libertine depictions of sex and eroticism.

Human beings have delineated the space and boundaries of our bodies through a collective fascination

with monsters for as long as we've shared language. Monsters represent the distortion and disturbance of

the ideal body-a hole in the fence of our singular identities. We've come to understand monsters as

hybrids between the recognizable and the uncanny: whether it's the blurring of purity and profanity,

savagery and domestication, human and beast, or idealization and mutation, monsters present themselves

as a lack of clarity that disturbs us." (excerpt from curator's statement)