Jeffrey Bishop


‘Double Nomad’  Jeffrey Bishop

   Contact: Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, Don Doe           Opening Reception Sept. 6, 6-9pm Sept. 6 – Sept. 30, 2018


SRO GALLERY is pleased to present Double Nomad, an exhibition of paintings by artist Jeffrey Bishop.

Bishop’s work is an energized combination of controlled placement and Surrealist Automatism.  Not surprisingly, Bishop cites jazz music as one of his ongoing influences in the studio.

Bishop’s biomorphic shapes have much in common with Roberto Matta’s vaguely figural elements caught in states of flux.  Bishop’s paintings create an imaginary world that echoes both nature and technology.  Forms that we faintly recognize have undergone some unexplained change. Whatever the change, it is felt on an individual level, each viewer taking on the challenge and risk that change implies.  There is an ever - developing synthesis of form intermingling with the dissonant in Bishop’s paintings.

These paintings lead their viewer towards questions and wonder rather than answers.

In Bishop’s own words:

“I draw obliquely from a variety of interests. Physics, cosmology, architecture, poetics and technology are among subjects which consume me but which I pursue and parse with a rather amateur kind of passion. I don't give much credence to "aboutness" and tend not to hinge work to specific conceptual constructs outside the studio. Ideas filter in but the work largely generates itself. Music however, of the very contemporary kind, and the latest jazz especially, when it is jagged and dissonant, drives my studio practice as much as anything. Energy, rhythm, improvisation; patterns and riffs that replicate and evaporate are values that infuse the work and suit the nature of abstraction.”